Why you should choose modular construction?

  • Safety and quality in modular construction are very demanding, to ensure that the result will accomplish the client expectations.
  • This type of construction has the minimum waste, that’s why is ecofriendly  
  • Modular construction is faster than regular construction and it’s cheaper too for remote locations


"Modular Construction is a very economical solution because it represents a significant savings in terms of time"

A conventional project, that in construction takes 12 months, in a modular construction takes 6 months; this difference means that the business will receive an additional 6 months of sales flow, which represent higher profits and lower financial costs,  greater productivity to the company.


The production process is carried out on a plant, there is a better quality control that the one carried out in the field.


Our modules are constructed in a very robust way to support the movements of the crane and the shipments.

The modular construction has better thermal and acoustic insulation because it must duplicate walls and ceilings by generating vertical or horizontal joints between two or more units.

The materials for the modular construction are stored in warehouses or plants, which prevents twisting or other imperfections caused by having construction materials exposed to the elements.

The modular construction does not have problems of dampness and cracking, as happens with concrete.


  • Decrease of environmental impact in the construction zone because of less waste, air pollution, water, noise and energy costs.
  • Safer for the workers because they are not exposed to extreme weather or temperature conditions for a long period of time.
  • Modular construction is faster, that why, it produces less impact on the construction site.
  • Modular construction is recyclable, because it can be reassembled in a different place and, transform in a new project with the same or different objective than the first one.


The modular construction is very flexible, because of the ability to extend and reduce constructed space, adapting to the necessities required. Modular Construction is one of the most versatile construction system existing currently on the market, it can be occupied in any environment and climatic condition.

"We offer modular and prefab products and solutions for almost any project. GML has two core modular building systems: container modules and flat pack modules."

Key advantages of all of our building systems include:

  • fast production timelines
  • flexible designs
  • easy delivery
  • quick set-up… all leading to a more cost effective build.
  • All GML multi-unit structures have a simple interconnecting plug system, to easily connect the main electrical panels to the sub-distribution panels. The construction of interconnecting walk ways is a simple and quick process using a variety of prefabricated corridor sections.

GML buildings can be placed on skids, piers, dunnage or traditional concrete foundations, allowing them to be stacked up to 3 stories high. Multi-stories (4+) are achievable with further engineering and design.

By relying on regional historical data to provide typical wind speeds, shake ratios and snow loading for each geographical location, our structures are designed to resist the forces of natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes and heavy snow fall. GML buildings include a pre-stressed tieback system that prevents overturning of the units under extreme wind and earthquakes.

Container Buildings

GML produces its own purpose built modified ISO container structures normally referred to as “Container Camps.”  Key advantages include: extreme durability and weather resistance, allows for complete prefabrication, plug and play assembly and high quality standards.

GML containerized dorms arrive turnkey. For a free standing unit, the only requirement is for the onsite contractor to hook-up the gas, electrical and water feeds, and then move in their staff.

We offer a wide spectrum of highly adaptable modular container buildings, built from newly fabricated ISO shipping container frames. Whether designed to be part of a workforce camp, a high density residential neighbourhood, apartment complex or hotel; each container building performs as a high quality, cost-effective housing and work space.

Every GML container building is newly constructed specific to each project and is designed to provide maximum usable living and working space per square foot. We also offer long-term, legacy solutions to companies who may wish to reconfigure workforce camps into single family homes once initial projects are complete.

The highly adaptable nature of our container based units allows us to produce products with features that ensure our clients can perform at the highest levels of their industries.

The robust structure of these units allows for full interior finishing happening offsite, down to the smallest details.

Unlike standard containers, GML containers have a series of additional supports built into the structure to ensure that it can withstand the same load as any other Canadian house.

We build our containerized units with 2lbs closed cell spray foam insulation. This acts as a vapour barrier as well as prevents any condensation from forming on the inside of our units.

For your workforce camp, low income housing or other container building need, contact Globe Modular as a first step to making your plan a reality.

Man Sleeper

Cabin Example

3 Man, 2 BathText...

Flat Pack Buildings

With over 240 floor staff and production area totaling over 70,000 sq/m, GML are able to produce approximately 500 – 600 standard flat pack units per month. Our two separate and independent production lines allow for redundancy and significantly reduce production down times.

Due to its removable wall design, GML flat packs allow quick and easy modifications in the field. As an example, an office unit can be retrofitted into an accommodation unit in less than a day.

All units can be multi-purposed to create legacy projects – converting units into affordable housing for local communities and people impacted by major resource development; potentially leading to government and local buy in for proposed projects.

Flat Packs are made with cold rolled steel frames and corner posts.Panels are then inserted as required to get the desired final layout.These panels slide into place and bolt to the perimeter beam that forms the ceiling and roof structure.

Flat pack dimensions:

External – 6055mmx2435mmx2500mm / 20ftx8ftx9’6ft

Internal – 5860mmx2240mmx2210mm

Insulation Options:

Mineral Wool – 40kg/m3 – 120kg/m3  options available

Closed Cell PU Foam – .5 lbs – 2lbs closed cell options available

Roof Structure:

Perimeter Roof Beam – 4mm thick cold rolled steel profile

Insulation – 100mm thick PU or Mineral Wool

Ceiling Finish – Vinyl clad chip board or Vinyl clad MgO board

Floor Structure:

Perimeter Floor Beam – 4mm thick cold rolled steel profile

Insulation – 100mm thick PU or Mineral Wool

Subfloor – 18mm OSB clad with 1.5mm PVC flooring or 18mm Cement Board clad with 1.5mm PVC flooring

Wall Panel Construction:

Exterior Cladding – .5mm thick galvanized steel corrugated and powder coated

Insulation – 60mm-100mm thick mineral wool or PU foam as per clients specifications

Interior finish – Laminated chip board or laminated MgO board as per clients specifications

Flat pack units can be shipped to site, knocked down in self-contained stacks 4 high, or packed into standard ISO shipping containers. The average 40’ shipping container holds up to six standard flat pack units.

On average, most GML flat pack style dorms can have the base structure of each module put together and fully weatherized within 4 hours or less from the time it arrives onsite.

Quality Asurance

GML adheres to the CSA A277 quality program. This program facilitates companies to fabricate modular buildings within their factories that are pre-inspected to meet Canadian building code.

While many countries do not require buildings to be built to such stringent codes and compliance, GML applies the same system to manage all projects.

Environmentally Friendly Options

We are continually committed to offer our clients options to cut down on the operating costs of our buildings. A few of the options we have available are:

  • LED lighting
  • Dual Flush Toilets
  • Low flow shower heads
  • Motion sensors for lighting in common areas
  • Solar arrays for camp roofs

Floor Plans

Below are floor plans available.

Rental and Sale of Containers

Rent of modular solutions for different uses, like kitchens, bathrooms, offices, bedrooms, provisory facilities, warehouses and others are available .

Modular Projects


We can accomplish large projects, where our scope includes: architecture, engineering, manufacturing, transportation and assembly of operations camps, construction camps, recreation bedrooms and auxiliary buildings.

With our years of experience we are able to provide the best solutions to satisfy our client’s needs in the most efficient and creative ways possible to comply with clients established budgets and timelines.